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  • Rolex Yacht-Master 40
Prix : 2.000 CFA(Fixe)
Type : Vendre
Date : 16 février 2017
Condition : Neuf
Garantie : Non
Emplacement : Washington, DC, United States


    Fish (2)
    2 onions
    1 ball of frozen athieke
    2 eggs
    2 fresh tomatoes
    ½ yellow, red, and green bell peppers
    ½ cucumber
    2 lemons
    2 tbs of black pepper
    2 tbs of fresh garlic
    1 pepper
    1 cup of fresh parsley
    2 tbs of chili powder
    5 tbs of canola oil
    1 piece of fresh ginger
    2 jumbos
    4 tbs of mustard


    Clean fish well, and slice it on each side
    In a food processor, blend garlic, pepper, bell peppers, ginger, parsley, and jumbo,
    Divide mixture in two, put one half aside, and take the other one half and add lemon, and 2tbs of mustard, use this to marinate the fish, and let it sit for 30 minutes (optional)
    Heat the oven at 180 degrees in the meanwhile, put fish in oven for 20 minutes
    Thaw atheke in microwave for 3 minutes, take it out, add water with some oil, and put it back for another five minutes, take it out, mix it well with some jumbo, and set it a side
    Cut vegetables into small cubes (bell perppers, tomato, cucumber, onion)
    Season it with pepper, jumbo, canola oil, lemon, and mustard
    Your dish is ready to be served, garnish it your way!

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